2008 Super Bowl Miracle

2008 Super Bowl Miracle

Football player David Tyree, a wide receiver for the New York Giants NFL team, said that his 35 yard touchdown catch, which some say was the turning point of 2008 Super Bowl, was a miracle from God”.

The first-place New England Patriots were set to finish a perfect season with their winning record of 19-0. The wild card team was the NY Giants who hoped to spoil that record and win the Super Bowl.

“It felt like it was destiny,” said David Tyree, a NY Giants wide receiver. “That’s kind of how I felt going into it. I was never moved. My faith was never rocked. I knew God would do what He said He was going to do.”

Tyree had confidence that God had a special plan for his team. At the beginning of the 2008 NFL football season, when their record was  only 0-2, he wrote a letter to his teammates encouraging them to keep the faith. His confidence came from prophetic words he received from the Holy Spirit through friends and spiritual believers who surrounded him.

Reportedly, Tyree had a specific prophesy spoken over him by his “spiritual mother”, Apostle Kimberly Daniels, along with another specific prophesy by her husband, Ardell Daniels. The Daniels are the founders of Spoken Word Ministries in Jacksonville, FL and have a son, Michael Jennings, who also plays for the NY Giants football team.

Mrs. Daniels told Tyree that – the Lord would “quicken” his feet and give him “hind’s feet” – which she later explained to him that hind’s feet were like the feet of a kangaroo. She also told him that – he would have “spiritual glue” on his hands and would make “the big play.” Mr. Daniels prophesied that – the sports world would no longer know him as just a special teams player but as… “David Tyree, the receiver.”

David Tyree had only caught four passes all season and had not scored any touchdowns during the 2008 NFL football season. Then, during the Super Bowl, Eli Manning, the Giants’ quarterback, connected with Tyree for a five-yard touchdown pass that put them ahead in the game early in the 4th quarter. Tyree admitted he thought, at that point, the prophetic words previously spoken over him had been fulfilled.

As you might expect, their opponents, the New England Patriots led by quarterback Tom Brady, took the lead 14-10 with just over two minutes left in regulation play.

The New York Giants were battling to move down the field when, with only 1:15 left on the clock, Manning threw a 32-yard pass down the field to Tyree. With New England Patriots defensive back Rodney Harrison fighting for the ball, Tyree leaped and pinned the ball against his helmet and they both fell to the turf. The catch was ruled as a reception and gave the Giants a first down and a chance to win the game.

David Tyree - Super Bowl Catch

It took only four more plays before Eli Manning hit Plaxico Burress for the game-winning 13-yard pass in the end zone. Even with that game winning catch, everyone was talking aboutthe catch – the miracle catch by David Tyree.

Afterward, the Super Bowl hero humbly stated: “I stand in awe of God. You have so many emotions throughout a game like that and an experience like that. But there was nothing but awe. I’m grateful to know a living God. He speaks. He walks. He talks. He’s walking with me. He’s dealing with me. He’s moving in my life intimately to the point where I don’t believe anybody can deny it.” 

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